Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home Made Woodworking Apron

Yesterday, walking through the center of the city,  casually I saw a leather dealer, so I thought of buying a small amount for a woodworking apron.
I purchased a little bit of artificial leather; it seems to me right for the purpose and cheap: with one meter is possible to obtain two aprons (the material stock was 1,50 mt wide). If you have someone at home with a sewing machine, you are safe, and will realize easily the project.

Start from a 1 mt x 70 cm piece and fold itself on the short side. Cut following the plan and obtain the main part. From waste you can cut the pockets, collar and back strips too.  Fix them with pins and wear the apron before sewing it; if the case  adjust to your body by shortening the collar (I am 6' 2" tall). In order to make room for some little tool, the central pocket has been half divided by a sewing, while the pectoral pocket has three divisions to allowing the insertion of pencils and some other small things. Sew collar and strips (to waist level) to main part and make a sewing along the whole perimeter for more strength.
If you wish you can modify the project following your preferences, by extending the apron to knees or making it higher-necked for more protection.
Best Shavings!

The pdf plan is available to following link:

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