Friday, January 29, 2010

I could not start otherwise!

Yeah, the plane, the tool I love more than others! I have many, most in use.I love hearing the sound of the blade cutting fine and fragrant wood chips. No matter if you need to sweat a bit: the satisfaction of obtaining a bright, smooth and above all ready for finishing surface content with every effort.The model shown in the picture is a Marples, glorious mark of the best English tradition, a deluxe model, with a hardwood button to facilitate the removal and setting of the cutting unit and the rear lowered to allow an optimal distribution of power while planing.


Ciao, my name is Giuliano and I am passionate about woodworking with traditional methods. I collect old tools and try to rediscover the techniques and secrets of the old carpenters. I decided to create a specular blog in english so all folks around the world will be able to access to.