Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Moving Fillister: My interpretation

Being been inspired by the original Moving Fillister plane I own (image above), I tried to build this rebate plane with adjustable fence, capable of very good work along the grain as well as across the grain. 
Its skewed blade (20°) eases the cut, while a nicker, situated just before the main blade, has the purpose of pre-cutting wood fibers and obtaining a clean result across the grain too.

I used walnut wood for the plane body and wedge, while the sole, the parallel fence and the depth stop are of hornbeam, a wood particulary resistent to the wear and which creates an attractive chromatic effect when coupled to a darker wood as the walnut. A hornbeam piece is inserted at the top of the plane, too.

The parallel fence moves on the sole through two elongated holes and is kept in place by two M6 bolts which are screwed in the correspondent nuts inserted into the sole.


  1. Great looking plane.
    Really nice work.

  2. Lovely work. Did you make the blades yourself and what steel is it?

  3. Thank you.
    Yes I did them myself. The source was another plane blade From which I cut both blades.

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