Monday, March 9, 2015

Scrub Plane

Some years ago I found several 34 mm plane blades as new old stock. Too many narrow for a jack or smoother plane, perfect for making scrub planes (just I had to round the cutting edge). 
This is a four pieces plane (two lateral, two central). The woods are beech for the body and wild olive (from Puglia, Italy) for the sole.


  1. This looks great, is olive wood a common choice for plane soles?

  2. The upper body of the plane is all one piece? Ditto the comment from Siavosh - I take it olive wood wears well for a sole? The only experience I have with olive wood are the cooking spoons and spatulas I have made out of it. It works well for this.

  3. Thanks both,
    the upper body is formed by more pieces as well as the sole.
    the olive wood is not so common because isn't easy to find it in wood stores, being a wood with a irregular growth, easy to split, so the boards available are commonly too much narrow for cabinet making but perfect for little projects, turning and so on. However is hard enough and compact for well resist to the wear of planing. The wild olive is even harder. I had a piece from a friend of mine who live in Puglia, a region of Italy particulary rich in olive cultivations.

  4. That looks pretty good. I agree, wild olives is not easy to find. Only a certain part of the world have those kind of wood.