Saturday, January 3, 2015

Chamfer Planes

Our friend Stewie (from Australia) us surprises with another wooden tool realization. This time is not a back saw but a wonderful set of chamfer planes.
These planes are designed to cut a chamfer with a 45° angle in respect to the sides. The model is that typical of English tradition, with a single iron, a mobile sole and a brass depth stop on the left side.

The mobile sole has a particular shape: only the bottom has a sole function while the upper part is carved and designed to help shaving expulsion. The sole will wear out easily, so better to make it with hard woods or, as in this example, to add a metal (brass is usual) plate.
The wedge and the stop screw fasten all in place.
The plane body has the bottom "V" shaped (the angle is 90°) so it can be used as e fence during the cut. The wedge is Jarrah (a tipycal Australian wood), while the body and the mobile sole are Merbau, very nice and wear resistant.
Some pics of building:


Very well done Stewie, a real planemaker realization!

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