Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In small barrel......

....... there is good wine!!

The Stanley 101 is a plane that escapes the attention and consideration of many. It is just  long 3 1 / 2 inches and has a blade only 1" wide. It was produced from 1877 to 1962.
When put on the market  it was offered as a toy plane, failing to provide the considerable success it would have. In fact, I too have not considered it for some years, parking on its shelf  until I had the need to use it. In fact, I had to finish the corners of a frame fixed with glue and nails. Lacking room for using a classic block (my 9 1 / 2 plane) without danger to ruin the cutter edge on nails, I decided to use the 101, which carried out its first job to my service in the best way . Of course it needed the classical  basic treatment : iron sharpening (I made a single 30° bevel ) and sole flattening.
I tested the plane onto mahogany and ash. Passed with flying colors!


  1. Ciao,

    Kunz makes a replica of this plane until today. I don't think it is a toy but a plane for small work in boatbuilding.

    Best wishes

  2. Ciao Pedder,
    Thank you for this contribute: I did not know Kunz had made this model.
    I found this description at
    "This Palm Block Plane, also known simply as Palm or Pocket Plane, is the perfect plane for those final trimming tasks where a regular sized block plane would be too big. The plane features a finely ground sole that measures 1 5/16" wide and 3 5/16" long. The 15/16" wide and 1/16" thick cutting iron is made from high carbon steel hardened to Rc 61 and is bedded at 40 degrees in the epoxy coated grey cast iron body. Final honing of the cutting iron to suit individual preferences is recommended before use. Precision crafted in Germany by KUNZ."
    The Stanley has very little difference in size and the blade (bevel down in both planes) is bedded at 45°.