Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8: time for Nativity Crib

The Nativity Crib (presepe) for Neapolitan people is a real must and in these gray days for our city, it's nice to find some serenity and optimism in the continuing traditions full of  religious and family meaning. Yes, because the presepe as well as tells the Nativity, is a joy moment to share with our Family and especially with our children. I remember with great emotion the days of childhood, when my father invited me to look carefully at the presepe construction scheme, so that one day I might do it for my children.
The characters (called  generically "pastors") are still those of the time, jealously preserved for all these years (about 40) and that the December 8 begin to live  their annual glory moment, until Epiphany, when traditionally, the presepe is disposed and retained for the  next year.Wood, cork, glue and nails are the simple ingredients to build a traditional Nativity scene, but clearly there are no limits to our fantasy. Become a big play for us to try to make the scene as real as possible. The characters are all there, from the Roman soldier to the camel drivers, the pipers, shepherds with their sheep, the Archangel Gabriel announcing the forthcoming Jesus birth, the Magi Kings who come on their camels to bring gifts to the humanity Savior.
Of course the scene lacks of the main character, Baby Jesus, which cannot be placed in the manger before midnight on December 24.

Merry Christmas to you!

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