Thursday, May 27, 2010

Old way for frame and panel construction

A traditional method for frame and panel construction consists in  assembling frames using mortise and tenon joints and inserting panels in grooves cut along the perimeter. the job Success heavily depends on an accurate layout and compliance with the various working stages.

For cutting grooves we will choose a plough plane blade with the same width of the chisel we will use to cut the mortises and which is consistent with the panel thickness (1).

The tenons will be cut on the rails and consequently mortises are positioned on the stiles.  Establish the length of the stiles and cut them leaving few inches at both ends. This spaces (horns) will be useful to work safely during the mortise cutting and avoid splitting problems (2).

Use the rails to mark their position on the stiles and divide the space according to the scheme shown in the picture (3).

Layout tenons on the rails  with a mortise gauge (4): the distance between their shoulders plus the  width of the stiles must correspond to final door width. Use the same mortice gauge for tracing  mortises on the stiles.

Cut mortises and tenon cheeks first (not yet shoulders) (5-6) and realize the grooves on stiles and rails (7-8).

Cut the tenon shoulders and create the haunch (9), the height of such element being equal to the groove depth.

Dry assemble to check all joints and then glue up. When the glue is dried, cut the horns and insert the door into place (in this case a frame has been added).

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